Closing space between footer and other documents

pls what can i do to close the space between the footer and the other documents in my tribute page the page seems too much my url is:

Try putting your footer within your #main div to see what happens.

It’s because you have an element (div to be exact) that is causing the main div to extend the page much further than is needed. Go through each of the div’s in your main div and look at the CSS properties on them and try removing properties until you figure out which one is causing it. I’ll give you a hint: The problem div is a close ‘relative’ of the main div.

hi @makiwa,

please no offence, but have you tried to recalling the lessons from the curent curriculum project?
if i may, your css it more likely stacking element layer over layers, like you styled them all at once.
my sugesstion, try to coding your css, step by step, starting with your body element, then moving next step to every elements nested inside it.