Code Blocks error red color

hello world,

I have a small issue with this coding that I could not figure out by myself:

Hi fegroucheadnane,
can you provide us with name of the text editor or the IDE used and also the programming language (C++) ?

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Hello Mr. Oussama,

I am using the Code::Blocks program with C++ programming language.

I have been looking carefully into this operation system but I failed to know the error behind.

This red color in codeblocks means that there’s a non-logical error (syntax error). This is happening here because you’re declaring your var variable in a wrong way. Variables must not have () at the end. Remove this and you should be good to go.

Note: have a look at this link which shows you naming variables rules. Here.

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Hello Mr. Ahmed,

Your response was right to the point and it solved my problem successfully.

Thank you all for your cooperation.