Code for html step 55

Here is my code
<label><input for="loving" id="loving" type="checkbox"> Loving</label>

I can’t figure out how to nest the label within the input.

It is saying that the text loving should not be located to the left of the checkbox

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That’s a fair question. But in your code, you showed us how to nest the input inside the label element. So you probably do know how to nest one element in another.
Just you have mixed up the order.

To reiterate. In you current code, the element input is nested inside label.
You need to instead nest label inside of input.

please how can i nest the word “Loving” into the label? ive did it but im still getting an error response.

Can you us the all of your code to your latest attempt?

Enclose your code using triple backticks like this.


paste your code here


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oh ok I totally understand sorry for that.
I will do better next time. Thank you!

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Please i’m still not getting it please

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Thank you.

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