Code not working please help

Applied Visual Design: Learn How the CSS @keyframes and animation Properties Work

Create an animation for the element with the id rect , by setting the animation-name to rainbow and the animation-duration to 4 seconds. Next, declare a @keyframes rule, and set the background-color at the beginning of the animation ( 0% ) to blue, the middle of the animation ( 50% ) to green, and the end of the animation ( 100% ) to yellow.

I follwed the instructions. I also looked on youtube and it seems like I everything that the guy did in the video. The animation doesn’t work and I didn’t get the checkmark. Thanks in advance :grinning:

check your spelling of “background”. I think that might be it.

#rect {

  @keyframes rainbow{

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Yep I spelled background wrong. I feel so silly I have been stuck on this for so long. Thank you!