Code not working

Hi All,
I am just starting out and quickly working through the beginning challenges. I am stuck on adding a background color to the div section of ordered lists and unordered lists. I am entering/nesting the code exactly as it should: I added the silver-background code in the style section and added the class code to the div section.

.silver-background {


The code doesn’t seem to register because the code in the div section doesn’t turn green like the other code already processed. The cat page also only shows the code written and not a silver background. It happened once before where the code was not registering and the only thing that worked was having to erase all the code and entering it again. Is that something I will have to do on each challenge for it to actually register? Is this a bug?

Try adding space and semicolon, like this:

background-color: silver;

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I have that. I left it out of my post.

Would these type of questions be better for the chat section?

Can you show the whole code?

Chat may be faster :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to upload a snippet of the code to this post but it’s not loading. Is there an easier way to copy and paste everything I did? I will try again later or check in with the chat section. Thanks for your input

You can paste it to or and post link here.

I was stuck too, then I realized I was adding the class in the wrong place.
Where are you adding the class? You should add the class in the opening div.

Now that I noticed it’s been several months since you posted, so I suppose you got that sorted by by now.:grimacing:

Anyways, someone might need that tip one day.