Code seems to be correct but it says SyntaxError: invalid regular expression flag s

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I edited the code and it seems to be correct. I even compared with solved helps but it keeps saying SyntaxError: invalid regular expression flag s.

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var myStr = '<a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>';

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User Agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; Win64; x64; rv:70.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/70.0.

Challenge: Quoting Strings with Single Quotes

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Hi there,
I checked this, your code is correct.
you can also check regular expressions here

The test is still not progressing. In the link you gave it said that the forward slash is not escaped. What can I do about it?

mine is identical to yours var myStr = '<a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>';
perhaps the issue is an extension on your browsers.
FCC is not compatible with some of chrome extensions.

It works fine for me.

I’d try one of these:

  1. clear your browser cache

  2. restart your browser

  3. use incognito mode

  4. restart your computer

Thanks! I changed the browser to Chrome and it worked.

I am having the same problem on Firefox but I really don’t want to use Chrome, is there another way to solve this problem?

I would try updating your Firefox.