Code Wars JS Problem

Hey Guys,

I am practicing my javascript on codewars, and I keep getting a “NaN” at the end of my answer whenever I run my code. Can’t seem to figure what is wrong. Here is my code and the information on the problem. Appreciate the help!

const squareDigits = (num) => {
  let numStr = num.toString().split(" ");
  let newNum = " ";
  for(let i = 0; i <= numStr.length; i++){
    newNum += numStr[i] * numStr[i];
  return newNum;

Welcome. In this kata, you are asked to square every digit of a number.

For example, if we run 9119 through the function, 811181 will come out, because 92 is 81 and 12 is 1.

Note: The function accepts an integer and returns an integer

you can’t multiply two strings - you are converting the number to string to separate the digits but you are never converting it back to a number to do the math operation

you are splitting on a space, your string doesn’t have spaces (hint to make it more efficient: you don’t need to use split and then the loop)

the string newNum has also a space as starting value

suggestion for debugging:
console.log the hell out of everyone of your variables, every time it is changed, log it to the console

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Completely forgot about reversing it back to a number, but I got it to work now. I did remove “split” as well. Thank you!