Code working in vs code but not in codepen

Can someone help me with migrating code from VS Code to Codepen? I am trying it since past hour but it ain’t working.

Looks like you’re having cross origin request issues. If you search around the forum, you’ll see how other people have solved that.

I think that I found the issue it’s width: -37.5rem; and opacity: 0;in your .quotes class.
-remove the (-) sign
-make opacity: 1
and your page will appear

All the cross origin requests seems to be for the API call. I have used JSON file locally on my pc. I copied the JSON code and made a new pen for that and added its url ( inside the fetch request. Is that right?

Doing that will only make all the buttons appear. Besides, I did that to later change it via javascript code. If you want to see the end result of the vs code then you can try copying the code in it and for json file use this code.

Here’s how the final result look like after running it on the live server of VS Code editor,