CodeAlly not loading/PSQL failures

i see it, can you try to hard-code a 2nd connect just to see if it changes anything?

Trying now, I’m seeing that its not being passed through properly into the GAME_LOOP function

It’s working as it should now.

I’ve been using these functions without an issue until early last week.
Somewhere along I must have broken it.

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so my understanding is PSQL is already a global variable?
So do you really need to pass it into the loop?

I’ve tested it, and you are correct. I guess this is where I can clean up the code…
I can make a few global variables

thanks for confirming. I still have some questions in my mind about the whole thing but I’m glad you are back to what you were doing.

Okay, I’ll leave you all alone now.
Thank you for all your help.