Number Guessing Game - psql -errors role 'codeally' does not exist


I decided to delete my CodeAlly vm/container and start over with this challenge in a new one. But when i run my script to test it, this comes up in the bash terminal:

I’m afraid that even though i’m starting on a fresh vm/container this is going to affect the CodeRoad tasks when they are executed as i can’t even input anything and error messages are showing up.

Did something happen ?
Should i wait until this no longer appears on bash terminal to continue ?

Thanks for your help.

Update: So after trying to figure out what was causing this i tried to continue testing my script, i reloaded the page to see if that could help but now it no longer loads and the error message now in the browser window says: is temporarily inactive or has been moved to a different direction. I tried reloading the page several times and it shows the same error message.

Something like this:

I logged in again and is still the same:

I’m having the same problem, I just completed the project now it isn’t loading. :smiling_face_with_tear:

i too have same issue it says address is changed or codeally just got out of service

Update: Well as I’ve checked trying to access code ally dashboard and also seen other posts about the same thing, the reason is an expired certificate :confused:

Check in case you want to know more: dashboard


Maybe wait and see if certificate is renovated.


I just tried to continue with the Rel Db Cert and it seems to be working fine, the certificate works now.


I’m not having errors in bash terminal, though i think it was a mistake i made by referencing an undeclared variable. I’m going to close this topic.