Code Ally Not Starting - Server Issue or Just Me?

Anybody else unable to login to the beta database course?
I’ve been trying to login since yesterday.

Code Ally seems to be stuck on deploying server.
Just wanted to check that it’s not just me before I delete my container as a last result.

Were you able to get it going @JoshDagat? There was some down time a few days ago that was likely the issue. It should be working again. Let us know if you are still facing issues.

I ended up deleting my Code Ally container for:
“Learning SQL by Building A Student Database - Part 1”.

That didn’t help, it really was a server issue.

@moT01 I am experiencing this issue currently. Whenever I try to run the Code Ally for the BASH tutorial, it gets stuck on starting the virtual machine. Anything I can do to fix this?

can you try getting into it from the dashboard?
(after you register/login then click the hamburger menu and choose Cloud IDE and this should show you the virtual machines you have for the course. You can try to click the Run Code button to see if that works better.

@hbar1st It still did not work unfortunately :frowning:

Not sure what to tell you. Most people just retry and they are able to get in.

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