CodePen cannot to include pictures

I have worked local server and right now I am trying to upload a project but codepen seems not to allow me to include a picture.

What should I do since I did not upgrade to PRO?

Awaiting for your help.

You might need to host the image somewhere else. See: Images in CodePen

Alright thanks I will do that,

As said above, use links to images! :slight_smile:

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I find a solution, much appreciated.

Just make sure you don’t use, which disallows any linking from codepen. What’s worse is that it will appear to work for you, but others will get a broken image. If you use an image hosting service, then check for this problem by clearing your browser cache and loading the page again (or use the developer tools to bypass the cache)

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if you have a google account you get a free bit of photo storage with google pictures. store your image there then you can right click and copy the image address and paste that into code pen.

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Helpfully contribution thanks all.

I often use gyazo, just because I’m used to it.

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