auto format of closing tags?

Is there a way to set codepen to create closing tags when you write opening tags like in some other editors?

Any help would be appreciated.

See the following link on settings options.

If you do not want to autocomplete but simply want to add a closing tag after you have typed an opening tag, you can press Ctrl+Shft+. and Codepen will close the closest open tag.



helps too.

That is what I posted 4 minutes ago.

Sorry @RandellDawson ,din see it, just a lover of auto closing tags :slight_smile:

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Thank you both! I knew there had to be a way. Was practicing css grid and was sure I could be working smarter.

You have to give credits to @RandellDawson , he had given the solution before i did.

I just did I meant to :heart: your answer and hit solved. Again thank you both.

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