Codepen problem with 25+5 Clock

I created my React project on my local computer and want to move to codepen. I’ve done this before with out incident, adding links to the js libraries and bootstrap making other adjustments to the code. But I can’t get my 25+5 clock project show up at all. Any ideas?

fwiw this is what I was importing in my local setu:

import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css';
import {Button, Col, Container, Row} from 'reactstrap';
import 'font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css';


The first thing I did was open your CodePen console.

That told me you have a syntax error.

I looked over at your JS panel and saw an error indicator (the red exclamation mark).

Clicking the alert took me directly to the syntax error:
line 10 of the editor

Now I can see that the problem is that you have a < on line 10, where there shouldn’t be one.

Hmmm. I activated Babel preprocessor and that got rid of that error. Now it still doesn’t show anything

I’ve got it running on Sandbox instead. Thanks

User story #2 is still failing.2 (Timer #12)

#12. When a session countdown reaches zero (NOTE: timer MUST reach 00:00), and a new countdown begins, the element with the id of “timer-label” should display a string indicating a break has begun.”

Timer has reached zero but didn't switch to Break time: expected 'Session' to not equal 'Session'

Thanks for any insight. Imma goin’ crazy here!