Codepen React API project wont fetch?

Hey, im having trouble fetching data from an API in my react weather app in codepen, meaning when i press the button to submit the city and get back the data it does nothing, like the fetchTheWeather function doesnt using the async/await method to fetch and its working fine through VSC localhost.
Anyway this is the link , if someone has the time to take a look and give me some insight it would be great :slight_smile:

Try logging each step. From getting values from fields to specific steps in program. From top of my head, this is simplest example:

let city = "smederevo";
let country = "serbia";
let url = ""+city+","+country+"&appid=d42174afed4a1bb7fb19c043dee296b5";

			url: url, 
			async: true, 
			success: (data) => {
			error: (data)=>{

Image of log:

i found the solution to that, you simply had to write https instead of http inside the fetch (). This is because “fetch” doesn’t work with HTTP anymore.