CodeRoad not recognising git settings

After several attempts to start the Relational Database course in VSCode on Widows 11 I still can’t get past the CodeRoad “Start New Tutorial” screen. I keep getting an error message saying that the git username and email have not been set, These setting had been done some time ago but in an effort to make sure they were recognised I reset them while in the rdb-alpha Folder which was cloned from GitHub and I still get the same result. I have checked using the appropriate git commands and these settings are definitely done correctly.

I have also tried closing and re-opening VSCode, completely rebuilding the docker container but still get to the same point with the same result in the CodeRoad window.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so did they find a solution?

Yes, I had this problem. You need to set them in your computer’s terminal with the commands found here: Setting your username in Git - GitHub Docs

Thanks already tried setting them globally from the command line but will try setting them from within the local repository.

Tried setting git username and email form command line after cd to local repository folder and still get the same result!

I did not cd to local repository.

I am also having a similar problem starting the Relational Database course in VSCode for Windows 11. I have followed the GitHub docs and I am still unable to access the course.