Coding style or can you read this?

Hi. I’m working as front-end developer and I’ve a project recently. The project is web site on CMS 1CBitrix. On of most used CMS in Russia. A client has many issues and we can really help him to solve it. But one thing I want to discuss.
One of JS files has weight 1.8MB, include 36 000 lines of code and … no comments. That file is not minify. And we don’t have the opportunity to contact a programmer who build it.
All variables named kind of ‘t’,‘d’,‘m’…etc. Function named as ‘workingWithOrders’,‘showCaseBind’,‘hblkhvr’.

I’m working as front-end developer for a year and my coding style is different: comments for most functions, human reading function and variables names, and for big functions I write comment with a description of the main parts and functionality for other programmers.
My question: have you worked with coding style like that? and in generaly is it ok write programs like that?

Most likely he used a minifier to rename all variable names and shorten it. He’s got the real source code, what you have is just the minified version.

ok. so if I minified files like that do I need to write some ‘readme.txt’?
and I think this file just include many files. But in the project we have’n them. Do I need keep all files in the project or I can just build one big file, minify him and deploy without any problem in the future?

And we haven’t the real source code. Just this. A customer hasn’t any contacts with programmer.

Haha, oh man, commiserations. I assume it’s been generated from a lot of seperate JS files sometime in the past, then you’ve been given the compiled code.

Ideally a file shouldn’t be that much more than the length of what you can see on your screen, if you want a rule of thumb. 36,000 lines is a helluva lot more than that, and is impossible to maintain.

If you’re wanting to work with it, youd want to start working through it and splitting out everything into separate files: that’s an insanely big job though

Yes. We didn’t work with this. Full structure of the site was terrible. And we build new site from scratch for our customer. He is a good man)))
Thank you for comment. I’m on right way I think.