Color flipper project

Hello, so i’m gaining experience through courses and building projects. I checked my instructors work and mine and it’s the same yet when I click on the button to change the background nothing happens!

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Please don’t share pictures of code. Please either cut and paste code or share a link to a repo or an online IDE.

That being said, line 14 doesn’t look right to me.

Ok thanks but i rechecked it and nothing seems wrong. It’s straight from codebubb youtube channel.

@kevinSmith is right of course. Open the console in your browser’s dev tools and type the following:

Math.random() = 10;

See what you get.

Math.random() = 10 in the console says I can’t assign the number to the function.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be tied to my hexvalues.length since it’s just randomly generating from the array I set up in the hexValues expression.

Your random number generator will be tied to hexvalues.length, you just aren’t doing it properly. I think you should google on how to generate a random number within a specific range using JS. Once you understand that then you will figure out how to change that line.

But as you discovered, you definitely can’t set Math.random() to a number.

Ok. Thank you. Will do.

I just thought that’s what math.floor() was for. I’ll check out the syntax.

You’re almost there, you just have a typo, I think. Think about what this code is doing. What does Math.random return? How do we convert that into a random number in a range? As @bbsmooth suggested, a google search will reveal a lot of information on generating random numbers in JS. That is what professional developers do when they aren’t sure about something - they google it.


Using floor has nothing to do with it being impossible to set the function call equal to a number.

Ok. Thanks. Thanks for the smack over my head haha (metaphorically).

We’ve all been there. Just keep learning, you’ll get there.

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