Combination of Filter and Array using ES6

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var filteredList = watchList
.map(({Title:title, ImdbRating:rating}) => ({title, rating}))
.filter(ref => ref.rating>=8.0);

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The code above returns and empty array. [ ]

code below works.

code below works.
var reference = watchList
.map(ref => ({
  title: ref.Title,
  rating: ref.imdbRating

var filteredList = reference.filter(ref => ref.rating >= 8.0

Code below works too.

var filteredList = watchList
.map(ref =>{
    title: ref.Title,
    rating: ref.imdbRating
.filter(ref => ref.rating>=8.0)


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Challenge: Use the filter Method to Extract Data from an Array

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doing just this, the value of filteredList is:

[ { title: 'Inception', rating: undefined },
  { title: 'Interstellar', rating: undefined },
  { title: 'The Dark Knight', rating: undefined },
  { title: 'Batman Begins', rating: undefined },
  { title: 'Avatar', rating: undefined } ]

check really carefully for spelling errors

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I see…
Thanks for the help!
let me go back to my corner and be ashamed of myself

well, you fixed it!

Happy coding!


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