Coming Soon Items?

I noticed that SaSS and React practice items are coming soon. If that is so how can we obtain the certification for Data Visualisation? Do we have to wait for these items to be available to be able to obtain the Data Visualisation certification?

You can do the projects right now and get the certification, but until those items come online, you’ll have to find your own study material. There are some good suggestions on the forum somewhere.

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Oh awesome! Could you link me to those forums?

You’re on the forum I had in mind :smiley: Just search for React / SASS.

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Are the react and sass challenges actually “coming soon”? they have said that for about 2 or 3 years now?

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You can find them at They will be pushed to the main site once all of the bugs and quirks are taken care of.

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You can find alpha of React challenges here:

Rumor has it that it won’t happen before November.

Having a few bugs would be better than waiting years before releasing it.