Communacation Skills, it is Necessary for any Developer?

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we heard a lot about communication skills in order to get a job in Programming/Development space but the question is,

  • What really that kind of communication skills we need to master to be eligible for the job market?
  • is it Mandatory to have communication skills?
    it would be nice if you give some examples :blush:

Like most jobs, soft skills are just as important as hard skills.

I would say yes you need at least some communication skills to be a software developer. Let’s say you had terrible communication skills, how would you communicate with clients? How about communicating with your project manager? How about communicating with other developers?

Being able to discuss with non-developers is a good skill to have when freelancing, and or interacting with business users. Even if you aren’t directly interacting with clients/users and only interacting with other developers, having good communication skills will make you a vastly better developer.

For example, here’s two ways you can report an issue with a pull-request when reviewing someone else’s code:

“There is a bug with this”

“There is a bug with the new feature, where if you click on the button twice, you get a 409 error and the server reports an incorrect issue with the field validations, for the name field”

As you can see, the first review is more or less useless, and requires followup from both parties. This increases the amount of work everyone has to do later, and slows everyone down. The second report probably took more effort to write, and explain, but is extremely clear as to what is wrong, and even provides some insight as to what needs to be fixed.

Communication skills can also be applied to writing code too. You can write amazing code, but if no one can read it then you write terrible code. “Code is meant to be read”. So instead of naming a variable “data”, name it “user”. Writing clean code is probably more important than writing super efficient code, since it will be easier refactor clean code later than poorly written code.

Finally, if you are trying to work in another language that is not your primary language, you should be good enough to interact with clients/users in their native language, when talking about complex topics without trouble.

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I concur, communications is vital in order to express any technicalities when needing to convey an issue with fellow coders, managers, and others in the field. You also would need to explain in laymen’s terms to those who aren’t familiar with the aspects of web/app development.

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Effective communication is absolutely necessary.

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thanks a lot, guys for the illustration :blush:

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