Compare numbers

How you find the biggest number or the smallest number among one hundred numbers?

What have you tried so far? It’s easier for us to help if you have some code or an outline.

Personally, I’d use a loop to help in this case.

I really have no idea how to do this without using hundreds of if statement.

how do you have these hundred numbers? in a string, in an array, in a list, in an object… ?


It depends on the programming language.
If you use python and you have a list (a_list = […] ) of hunderd numbers =>
min_number = min(a_list) and max_number = max(a_list).

In other programming languages maybe you first sort the array =>
min_number = array[0] and max_number = array[array.length - 1].

In every programming language you find suitable sorting algorithms!

Randomly in my imagination, you can put them in a string , in an array , in a list…etc

How you are storing the numbers changes how you should find the largest value. Numbers are typically stored in arrays.

then how do you iterare through that array, or list, or string, and make the same logic for each?

or maybe you can find a method that does that for you