Compare with the Greater Than Or Equal To Operator

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hi, can anyone figure out what is wrong with the code.
My results are as follows for the first two steps
testGreaterOrEqual(0) should return “Less than 10”

testGreaterOrEqual(9) should return “Less than 10”

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function testGreaterOrEqual(val) {
  if (val >= 20) {  // Change this line
    return "20 or Over";

  if (val >= 10) {  // Change this line
    return "10 or Over";

  return "9 or Under";

// Change this value to test

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The problem here isn’t in the code logic. Its in what needs to be returned to fulfill the challenge requirements.

It says here that you should return “Less than 10”.

But you are returning “9 or Under”:

So you just have to change the returned string and you’ll pass the challenge.

Oh yes… I did it think of it literally. Thanks a bunch