Comparison with the Inequality Operator help recruiting

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could someone explain me what is wrong in syntax.

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// Setup
function testNotEqual(val) {
  if (val != 99) { return "Equal";
 return "Equal";

// Change this value to test
function testNotEqual(bob) {
  if (bob != 12) {  return "Not Equal";
   return "Not Equal";

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Below the “change this value to test” there should be a function call like testNotEqual(55)

Your issue is that your function is just returning “Not Equal” (only last definition of a function counts), as your return it both if the function argument is 12 and if it is not

The other definition has the same issue, only it is just returning “Equal”

The only thing you need to change is the line with the comment that say so and add the inequality operator inside the if statement condition