[ Compiler Problem] Use getters and setters to Control Access to an Object

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I cannot run this code in compiler. The Compiler doesn’t run it and I cannot know the reason

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function makeClass() {
  "use strict";
  /* Alter code below this line */
  class Thermostat{
      this._farenheit = farenheit;

    get temperature(C){
      return C * 9.0 / 5 + 32;

    set temperature(f){
      this._farenheit = f;
  /* Alter code above this line */
  return Thermostat;
const Thermostat = makeClass();
const thermos = new Thermostat(76); // setting in Fahrenheit scale
let temp = thermos.temperature; // 24.44 in C
thermos.temperature = 26;
temp = thermos.temperature; // 26 in C

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You are almost there. The issue with your code is that you are accepting an argument with your getter.
This causes the following error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Getter must not have any formal parameters.

To fix this, you have to remove the argument from you getter as the purpose of a getter is getting you information. If you want to give the class information you use the setter.

Removing the argument in the getter will cause your C variable to be undefined. See if you can figure out how to fix this by what I have just told you. If you can’t, we can help. (I just think that giving you the final solution on a silver dish is the best way to learn :slight_smile: )

edit: the FCC compiler does not show you your errors. For future references, its a good idea to use the console of your browser.

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Thank you man! I got it