Complete coding beginner - Defeated by Tribute Page? :(

Hello everyone!

I’m a complete coding beginner who very much enjoyed the HTML5 and CSS, Responsive Design with Bootstrap, and jQuery sections of FreeCodeCamp. Now that I’ve reached the Tribute Page project, however, I feel completely lost!

I’ve looked at other people’s Tribute Pages, and they’re using bits of codes that I haven’t even seen before! I keep seeing the class “Jumbotron,” for example? I don’t recall that forming part of the syllabus? Which leads me to my question: Do I have to do research beyond FreeCodeCamp in order to be able to do this initial project? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction?

I’m feeling quite defeated, but I really don’t want to give up!

Thanks so much!


The classes that may not look familiar to you are ready-made classes by Bootstrap.

Other sources of references:

what u have learned during the course ist very sufficient for the tribute page, if u want more details this is a very good website:

Hi jthec!

As a fellow new coder I understand your confusion. I have been studying web development and coding for about 8 months and working through Free Code Camp since January this year. I would definitely agree with Goethe_AJ that what you have learned is sufficient. However, you should check out the documentation (follow the link Owel gave you) for bootstrap. You can skim it to get an idea of how everything in there works and what you would like to use in your project.

Bootstrap is a really fun simple way to style HTML without much time or effort. For example Jumbotron is a container you could use to showcase splashy eye-catching content at the top of your page like your main header and first photograph (If I am misrepresenting it let me know). If you already have some content you want to showcase at the top of the page you could add

before and
after your content you want to showcase. Much of the time that is all there is to utilizing Bootstrap in you project.

Don’t be discouraged! These are challenges so they can feel frustrating to everyone.

My general advice is 2 things. 1 never be afraid to keep your projects very lean and basic. 2 keep using this forum. While often you can find the answer out there on the internet, sometimes you don’t know what piece of information you are missing and that means you probably don’t know how to find the answer. Talking to people on this forum can help in those circumstances.
Hope this helps.
-happy coding

your page doesn’t have to be anything special, the user stories are very simple…

User Story: I can view a tribute page with an image and text.
User Story: I can click on a link that will take me to an external website with further information on the topic.

mine was very basic, it’s just to help you get your feet wet with making pages i think?

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