Completed anonymous message board, looking for testing/feedback!


I recently completed the Anonymous Message Board, the final Information Security and Quality Assurance Project, and I’m hoping a few people can pop in and play around with it, see if anything is broken.

You can use the board general for testing as there are a few threads already created, or create your own if you like!

I’d also like any constructive criticism on the layout and design if possible.

My Anonymous Message Board
/b/general board



Impressed with the level of detail. Don’t forget to display post count, it’s the most important metric. I’m also getting a blank outer background. Otherwise looks good.

Looks great! I’m confused about the iFrame though, your code is absent from any as far as I can tell. I just started this project and was trying to understand what is being loaded into the iFrame, all of it or just the redirect??

Thanks - not sure what iFrame you are referring to, I haven’t used any in this project.

Hi, thank you for the reply.

It’s possible it has been added recently. I looked at a couple of these projects and no one I seen is using an iFrame. However, the first User Story is

  1. Only allow your site to be loading in an iFrame on your own pages.

I’ve decided to host all the pages via an iFrame, not exactly sure if this is what the user story is trying to convey??

@JP-Dub I believe it was referring to the iFrame security policy in Helmet, which I do have in my server code:

// Only allow site to be loaded in an iFrame from sameorigin
app.use(helmet.frameguard({ action: 'sameorigin' }))
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Works well… All the best

The frameguard is set to 'sameorigin' by default when you use helmet.

Wow great work man. Did your functional tests pass. Please help not even a single functional test of my project is passing.

Looks cool. But i’d prefer to use gologinapp