Completed Hacktoberfest! YEAAAAH!

(and they were all totally meaningful contributions to the open-source community)

Okay, so they all amount to adding words and typographic fixes, but it still feels awesome! Like I’m sure many people can relate to; I have always been scared of making pull requests – even for typos – but that (Awesome!) T-Shirt was the kick in the pants I needed to get started and I’m so glad I did!

Now I’m going to look for something I can contribute real code to :smiley:

For anyone who wants to try but doesn’t know where to start, these are the repos I made pull requests for:


Thank you for allowing me to get my “First Flag” badge :wink: :wink: (in response to the spam reply that was here)

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Hey, I live to serve :slight_smile:

Amazing the motivating power of free stuff.
I did not know about hacktoberfest until Quincy Larson’s medium article. Looks like they did this for a few years (some of those shirt designs were cool).
My first free bit of dev swag.
Most of mine were basic, got merged with some Python code (a user interactive fizzbuzz) at

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Awesome, congrats!

Your post reminded me of Hacktoberfest, and I just completed it as well!

I’ve been wanting to contribute to projects on GitHub for a while now, but I don’t feel like I know enough to contribute code. However - fixing typos, adding in resource links, and tidying up pages to make them easier to read… now that I can do!

It feels awesome to help, even in small ways.

Thanks for the post CrowsVeldt :+1:

(ninja edit: All the pull requests I made were to the FreeCodeCamp Guide. There are still a couple days left for those who are thinking about it!)

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Awesome! You’re very welcome, I’m glad I could help.