Completed my Tribute project. Feedback appriciated!

I have minimum information on the tribute page, my only aim was to create a neat and clean page!

Please check out my tribute page and let me know how it could be improved further.

Not bad. Personally I think it could be designed a bit better. I took your exact content and came up with this.

All I did was basically shrink your content into a little card and reorganize a little.

You have alot of whitespace so I think its a better idea to group the content together so that you force the users eyes to look at a certain part of the website. As of now, the focus is shifted everywhere so it doesn’t flow to well.

cheers m8. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Had to add the smiley.

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So I’ve just tried clicking on this link… Only to find that it actually doesnt work. :neutral_face:

Soo… heres a picture of it.

Thanks for the feedback @ItsRoyal! I agree, my page has a lot of white space. Need to organize it better!

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