Completed The Tic Tac Toe

Just Completed the Tic Tac Toe after a long sleepless night. Any feedback will be appreciated :blush:



Hi @adramelech !

I think your project looks good.

Keep up the good work! :grinning:

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Thank you Jessica. Struggled a lot on this and some good people from here helped me a lot to complete this. :heart:

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I just tested your work and it looks very good,

I am working on a similar project, a tic tac toe game only that I added a real time multiplayer mode,

I liked the UI and logic behind the play against computer mode in your game and I am wondering you’re available to collaborate.

I did notice a few issues with yours that I have fixed in my own version.

here is my email address : REDACTED
looking forward to hearing from you, congratulations once again

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i liked your project and will appreciate it if you collaborate with me to build mine which is a similar project but has multiplayer feature

please write back to me if you are interested, looking forward to hearing from you.

happy coding

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Hi Joshua ,Kindly check your mail

hello adramalech,

i am glad you reached back to me,

is there any means of communication that will be convenient for you so i can share the project details with you?

you can reach me on whatsapp on REDACTED
facebook and facebook messenger REDACTED

here is a link to the github repo
frontend: here

backend: here

the repository is not collaboration ready but you can look through it, ill make sure it is ready within the next 24 hours thanks

Hi @ilechuks73 !

I redacted all of you personal information because the forum does indexing which means your personal info could be saved.

It would be best if you and @adramelech shared this information over private message.


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