Compound Assignment With Augmented Addition 2

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im not understanding where to put everything

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var a = 3;
var b = 17;
var c = 12;

// Only modify code below this line

a = a + 12;
b = 9 + b;
c = c + 7;

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What have you tried? What tests are failing? What is working differently than you expect it to?

Convert the assignments for a, b, and c to use the += operator.

It doesn’t look like you’ve used the += at all.

thats the pointe i dont know where to put it

What have you tried? What do the instructions tell you about the += operator? Does it provide an example?

it does not shoe an example

Yes, it does.

still not understanding

What part is confusing?

everything tbh im only 11

thx i finally figured thanks for pushing me