Compound Assignment with Augments Addition question

This is what I have put down per the lesson step:

let a = 3;
let b = 17;
let c = 12;

// Only change code below this line
a += 15;
b += 26;
c += 19;

Screenshots have been included, but apparently this is wrong. I don’t understand how the console is instructing me to do what is already written, and the left checkmark’s and x’s suggest the same, which it already is (it think?) Is there something i’m not understanding?

Hi @mjlunz,

I would reset this challenge step. You are supposed to keep the same values for addition, but change it to a compound assignment form.

For example,

z = z + 1

Would instead be:

z += 1

You are just changing the format of how the variable is added, not the values that are being added.

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You were right on the money, I completely over complicated this for myself, too. Thank you for the help!!!