Concerned about starting to learn how to code

Hi everyone. I recently wanted to start learning programming but I can’t concentrate and I can’t overcome this mindset that it’s too late for me and I must start earlier. I feel afraid. I don’t know what to do to learn Programming Language.

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There are plenty of people who started learning how to code in their 30’s and beyond.

I would suggest starting with the freeCodeCamp curriculum.
It teaches web development.
Specifically HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Start at the top and do one lesson at a time.
If you need help, then come to the forum and ask questions.

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Hi! It’s never too late to learn something) Just ask yourself - what do you want to achieve in programming? If u want to get a job as a developer, thats the motivation to go through this curriculum) If it’s just for fun, so don’t be afraid at all!

FreeCodeCamp is the place where you can learn a lot of useful things. Not only the basics, but also some intermediate stuff. This basis will let you feel comfortable with coding.

If you feel like you don’t understand anything - this forum will help you! Actually we all here learn coding and help each other. I’ve started on October with HTML-CSS course. Now I’m going through Backend Certification. So I’ve been on this forum for so many times, and I can say that almost every problem posted here finds the solution. So if you feel like you need help - ask for it here)

If your age is the main problem that distracts you, just ask yourself - do you really believe that for getting a job as a developer your age is the most important criteria? Actually, your ability to think, to solve problems (and knowledge of course) are the most important and valuable qualities in developing.

Just start learning step-by-step and feel free to ask for help here, you will see that programming is really intresting and not scary at all)


Programming is just like mathematics, you cannot become ‘good’ without understanding and practising it and even after doing it for years, there will always be something more to learn. So you’re never really ‘late’, the entire journey is about learning and applying which is what makes it fun.

Just like mathematics, you have to have a good grasp of the basics first. You need to know your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before jumping into calculus and further advanced topics. So take your time and absorb the curriculum and always further research everything. Remember, the more time you take the better. Make sure to understand everything and don’t skip, you always have FCC forums and Stack Overflow.

You might feel uncomfortable when learning something and THAT IS GOOD. Feeling uncomfortable is a sign that your brain is hard at work and is in the process of learning. This is just like training your muscles!

Here is a video explaining the science of thinking:

Here is why learning should feel uncomfortable:

If you have specific questions like “what programming language should I learn?” or “what will learning Javascript get me?” please don’t feel afraid to ask!

If it is about age, then here is a good vlog by Stefan Mishcook:

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