$%#Confirm the Ending$#%

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i have no idea why it doesn’t work !

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function confirmEnding(str, target) {
  // "Never give up and good luck will find you."
  // -- Falcor
  var nwstr = str.split("");
  if ( str.substr(nwstr.length-1-target.length ,  nwstr.length-1 ) === target) 
      return true;
    return false;

confirmEnding("Bastian", "n");

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You’re misunderstanding how to use substr. The first argument is the starting point. Your math is a bit off there. And the second argument is the is the length you want to select. Isn’t the length you want to select the length of the target?

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This says you’re looking for a property literally called “length-1-target”. You need to review using square brackets to access properties, eg someStr[someStr.length - 1]

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No, it evaluates to the same as nwstr.length - 1 - target.length. To access property names containing hyphens, you need to use bracket notation.

const obj = {
  'a': 0,
  'a-1': 0

obj.a-1 //=> -1
obj['a-1'] //=> 0
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You do not use split() because String object has length property.
You omit -1 in the expression.

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Ah crap, you’re right I was half asleep this morning.

Thanks! i’ve done it, a little confuse at first argument :slight_smile:

Thanks! you were right, i used to think the second argument was the ending point :smile: