Confused about CSS Grid in React

Hello! I’m building a React app and I want to use CSS grid to format a parent component. However, I’ve noticed that when applying CSS, it only works when I directly style a component’s inner html rather than the component as a whole. Here’s an example so you understand what I mean:

This doesn’t work:

/*imports up here*/

export default function ParentGridComponent(){

<ParentGridComponent id='grid'>
    <ChildGridItemComponentOne id='item-one'/>
     <ChildGridItemComponentTwo id='item-two'/>
     <ChildGridItemComponentThree id='item-three'/>

w/ this file:


#grid {
display: grid;
grid-template-rows: 1fr 1fr;
grid-template-columns: 1fr 1fr;

#item-one {
/*some css here*/


But this does work:

export default function ParentGridComponent(){
return (
<div id='grid'>
    <div id='item-one'></div>
     <div id='item-two'></div>
     <div id='item-three'></div>


Is there a way to have child components themselves act like grid items, or is it necessary to do as above in order for it to work? Am I misunderstanding something?

Thank you so much!

Idea: Do I just wrap every child component in a div and give it its corresponding id/className?

Did you try it with ClassName instead of Id ??

Yes. It makes no difference. I think I’ve figured it out though.

Share your knowledge if you’ve figured it out.

See above.
I either wrap the component in a div and style the div, or decide that it doesn’t need to be a React component at all and just make it a div within the parent. Does that make sense?

Yes one important thing here is that div is a wrapper in itself. So anything you wrap within it will be considered.

I haven’t worked with React in a while, so maybe I’m off base. But my guess would be that unless you handle the id you’re passing as a prop in the child component, then that’s just going to get thrown away and unused.

<ChildGridItemComponentOne id='item-one'/>
function ChildGridItemComponentOne({ id }) {
  return <div id={id}></div>

Maybe you can generate a style object and pass it to child components as a property. e.g.

Within the parent component:
const GridStyle = { display: flex }

Within the child component:

Hello, World!

Besides, I am confused with the way how you construct parent and children components. Why you put ParentGridComponent component inside its own definition?