Confused about yarn installation instructions

Hi - so I am installing yarn in order to be able to contribute to some community coding project. (I’ve always used npm before this).

I followed these instructions: starting with the Global Install and then the Per-project install, however I don’t understand this instruction: Commit the .yarn and .yarnrc.yml changes

What does this mean? I only know about Commits in the context of Git but I don’t think that’s what they’re talking about here?

Google was no help.


That’s exactly what they’re talking about.

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Oh, OK.

So they just want to make sure that the .yarn files get pushed to Github whenever the project is deployed…? I guess I’ve never really thought about this before, i.e. what npm or yarn files need to be deployed with the project.

But is that what this is about…am I thinking about this correctly?

And if so, couldn’t I just wait till I am ready to stage, commit, push the entire project up to Github…? Do I need to run these commits now?

It’s totally up to you when you add those files to the version control. That step in the instructions is to point out that those files should be commited.

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