Confused as hell with Javascript

This stuff makes no sense to me, at all. If you concatenate a string with an undefined variable, you will get a literal string of “undefined” (Concatenate? They can’t just say linked together? lol) Anyways:

Initialize the three variables a, b, and c with 5, 10, and “I am a” respectively so that they will not be undefined.

No idea where to with this. I’ve tried var a = 5; I’ve tried var a = 10 + 5; and with “Iam a” I have no idea what they’re even asking. Did anyone else struggle at first? If someone could explain what it is they want a bit more clearly I would definitely appreciate that. Thanks a bunch guys.

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Do this first.

Then, give to each variable one of the following values

For instance, if I told you to make two variables, q and z, and give them the values of “dynamite frog” and 1337, respectively, it would look something like this

var q = "dynamite frog";
var z = 1337

We all struggle, all the time. You never stop struggling, you just get really good at it.

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