Confusion over what Framework to use to replicate a webpage

I’ve gone through the FCC lessons (and other lessons) on CSS, Grid, Flexbox, Bootstrap.

I want to replicate a webpage. Let’s say, the CNN website.

I feel like I’ve learned so many different ways to do the same thing, I’m unsure what to use first… What does a pro-Front End Developer do to start making a page? It seems like Bootstrap should be the first thing to employ, to layout a webpage? I wish I just had a single method to follow to layout a page. I understand that different coders will always do things a bit differently, but I would like a single method to use, even if ultimately I discover a better way down the line.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Do you use Bootstrap for the main structure, then Flexbox within it, and vanilla CSS to fine-tune things? Or another approach?

Based on your question I can tell this isn’t what you want to hear… but this definitely depends on the developer and what they are trying to accomplish. Also depends on their preferences and what tool is best for the job at hand. There is no streamlined single “right” way to go about it honestly.

If it helps, Bootstrap has Flex and Grid built into it already. So you can simply add Bootstrap to your project and utilize those tools using the associated Bootstrap classes.

Some people like to use a mix of both or since Bootstrap is based on classes, sometimes its better for a project to have Flexbox or Grid coded into the CSS.

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Great question, @El_Escandalo.

We are living in an age where you have so many tools to do the same thing. There is not at all a UNIQUE one to something.

What you need to know is that when building a website or whatever, you may have requirement from your boss, your client, etc. Or if it a side project, your purpose.

The only advice I can give is to master vanilla first. This will help you work almost with any other tools.

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@Bam92 Thanks. I guess I had thought that learning vanilla these days would almost be outdated, because there are much easier ways to accomplish the same thing?

@devnicole505 Thanks. My pro-coders friends have generally given me the advice that spending a lot of time on vanilla CSS is kinda a waste of time (especially as once you actually start working, you often end up having to learn whole specific things that don’t have a lot to do with the training you’ve done). Anyway, what’s your thoughts on that? Is vanilla CSS kinda outdated? Of course I realize, it’s best to understand it all. But why tear your hair out trying to place things vertically with vanilla CSS when you could do it so much easier with Flexbox/Bootstrap.

No, not at all. Tools are built upon vanilla. They come and pass away. It is hard to learn tools without a solid foundation of vanilla, but if you have a solid foundation of vanilla you can switch to any tool you like. Imagine, you master Bootstrap and you get a project that requires you to use Bulma. Learning Bootstrap would help you there?

This article can help as well.

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It is not best practice to require a framework just for vertical alignment. In other word you don’t need a tool when you only use 5 - 10% of its capability.

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