Connecting my express app to sqlite


I’ve got this express app and I connected a sqlite db to it with node-sqlite3 from npm but I find it hard to work with. I made an app once with python flask and it felt a lot easier and in articles I read it works faster as well. I have the impression that there’s more community support out there on python-sql than there is on node-sql (I’m still new to rather this) and this is important too. I make exercises to learn a foreign language and I work with lots of images and sounds in each single exercise. I’m thinking of using a child process to have node talk to python and write all the sql stuff in python but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. I also read a child process slows things down a lot.
I read that I can write userdata in indexedDb in the browser. That would speed things up and if that works I wouldn’t have to consult the database every time. But it’s totally new to me and I don’t know much about it. I expect to replace sqlite by mysql at some point, I just feel sqlite is so cute, I love to work with it. Anyway, it’s all new to me, indexedDB, child process and mysql and I feel a little lost.

I would like to make the right choices before I have to rewrite lots of code. Any suggestions?

Thanks and greets,
Karin Meersman