Conv Celsius to Fahrenheit

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PerryChalmers, lukaszsobek, I appreciate your help for Somme reason I am at a total loss. Perry when I entered the formula I am doing it so that the var Fahrenheit is defined. Whenever I enter the formula not as part of the definition I get null or an error saying that it was expecting a function call but got an expression. so I think its how I’m entering it.
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function convertToF(celsius) {
  var fahrenheit;
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  fahrenheit = (convertToF * 9/5 + 32);
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  return fahrenheit;

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You are supposed to use the passed argument celsius to do the calculations but you are using the function convertToF instead.

thank you I appreciate such a quick response. if you are talking about like this Fahrenheit = (celcius * (9/5)) + 32, I have tried that and it keeps returning an error saying that it can’t find the var celcius.

The argument name is celsius not celcius :slight_smile: