Convert HTML Entities - Please help! (Infiinite loop?)

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Hey, could I have some help? What’s wrong in my code?

It says in when I run it that it is:

RangeError: Potential infinite loop. You can disable this from settings.
    at convertHTML:15:107
    at eval:26:1

And when I run it in Chrome console it stops working (the actual FCC website), so I suspect an infinite loop, but I don’t see where it is??

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function convertHTML(str) {
let entities = { //Object created for later use

str=str.split(""); //str coming into meta-functionis converted to array
let keyz=Object.keys(entities); //Assigning every key in the object "entities" to the array "keyz"
let valuez=Object.values(entities); //Assigning every value in the object "entities" to the array "valuez"

for (let i=0; i<str.length; i++) { //Looping over str's elements
for(let j=0;j<keyz.length;i++){ //Looping over every key in entities
if (keyz[j]===str[i]) { //If current key of entities that is being looped over, equals the element of string which is currently being looped over
str[i]=valuez[j]; //Then make that element of string equal to property of key currently looped over
} //I thought this should work because keys and properties will be at same index of their separate arrays
console.log(str); //Test
return str;

convertHTML("Dolce & Gabbana");

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The line above is one of the problems in your solution. Do you really want to increment i here?

The next problem is in the following lines:

  return str;

The join method returns a new string and does not change the value of the string on which it is called. You can either assign the result of the join to a variable and return that variable or just return the result of the join (use return keyword on same line).

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Thank you! That solved it for me and I understand what was wrong