Convert HTML Entities Solution failing a particular test

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I believe my code should work, however it does not pass one of the tests. When I console.log() the particular test however the returned string matches the objective for that particular test.

The test in question is: convertHTML('Stuff in "quotation marks"') should return Stuff in &​quot;quotation marks&​quot;

Could someone help me understand why my solution isn’t covering this test? Thanks!

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function convertHTML(str) {
  // :)
 let and = str.replace(/&/g,'&');
 let left = and.replace(/</g,'&lt;');
 let right = left.replace(/>/g,'&gt;');
 let quote = right.replace(/"/g,'&​quot;');
 return quote.replace(/'/g,'&apos;' );

console.log(convertHTML('Stuff in "quotation marks"'))

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Nevermind I found an explanation on a previous post here:

Seems to be a result of my copy paste from the html entities list I used.Sorry for the repost.