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Hi all - I am not sure I understand the code inside the $.getJSON function. I understand there is a loop, but I am not clear what we are looping through. Could someone “translate”? THANKS A LOT!

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  $(document).ready(function() {

    $("#getMessage").on("click", function() {
      $.getJSON("/json/cats.json", function(json) {

        var html = "";
        // Only change code below this line.
        json.forEach(function(val) {
  var keys = Object.keys(val);
  html += "<div class = 'cat'>";
  keys.forEach(function(key) {
    html += "<strong>" + key + "</strong>: " + val[key] + "<br>";
  html += "</div><br>";
        // Only change code above this line.



<div class="container-fluid">
  <div class = "row text-center">
    <h2>Cat Photo Finder</h2>
  <div class = "row text-center">
    <div class = "col-xs-12 well message">
      The message will go here
  <div class = "row text-center">
    <div class = "col-xs-12">
      <button id = "getMessage" class = "btn btn-primary">
        Get Message

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You are looping through the array from the cats.json file. You can see what it looks like here: It looks like an array of three objects.

Note that it’s not always the case that the data returned by .getJSON is an array.

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Thank you! I think I have to review this chapter again.

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