Convert Python code into anything else: HTML, CSS, React, Javascript

Hello, Good evening !
I have a request from you please, I would very much like to know if it is possible to convert in any way a code written in Python( which I have absolutely no knowledge of) into HTML,CSS and Javascript?I am trying to deliver a project that was written in this language, please help.
Many thanks!!!

There’s Transcrypt which compiles python to javascript, and allows access to any javascript library. While this will let you run application logic in the browser, you’ll still have to make significant changes to your code to present a browser GUI. There isn’t any automatic way to simply run a python program through something and get a web app: this is generally impossible in any language other than javascript, and even that has to be written in a very specific way,

Thank you ! I would also like to know as an alternative, if it is possible to enable a live preview for this code in python either using brackets, atom or IDLE , as I would first like to see how the actual code looks in a browser?
Many thanks

I know of no plugin that does live preview for python, sorry. It’s theoretically possible (node apps do it all the time) but I’ve never heard of an IDE plugin that can do this for python. You might be able to whip something up with watchgod for the server reloading part (by killing and restarting the server process), but it’s not a built-in feature, so it’d take custom code to pull off. Far as I know, there’s no IDE plugin that does any of this out of the box.

Thank you again! So as I understand, Python it is not a proper language in web development coding, wright?

It’s a great language for web development, and has plenty of libraries for that, but other than experimental technologies like Transcrypt, it’s only suitable for the backend, like Ruby or PHP.

It’s great knowing that, considering the fact that I’ve discovered that I’m mostly design oriented, so no need to learn Python for my future knowledge.

I.m sorry but I kept reading for several hours about transcrypt, and I still need some help to learn how to use it, I can seem to figer it out .
Thank you !

You need to explain what you’re looking at, because what you’re asking doesn’t quite make sense without this context.

If it’s a web app written in Python, then the way you get a live preview is by running the code: the application would be designed to do {something} and the way you interact with it would be via the interface rendered using HTML, and you just look at the app in a browser. And you can’t just easily take that app and convert it to JS

If it isn’t a web app, then the question doesn’t make sense, because HTML is a way of tagging bits of text so that a browser can render them visually. If it’s not designed for a browser, then HTML has no use. CSS is a way of styling that HTML; if it doesn’t exist, then no CSS. React is a GUI library, and if it isn’t for a browser then…etc.

Can you be specific about what you’re trying to do?