Converting Date to JS

Lets say I have the following time: 6:47 AM or 2:40 PM

How would I transform it so JavaScript Date object so I could use it for comparing different times?

Do I need to use a library or something?

Any suggestions will be amazing!!

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There’s a lot you can do with the Date object. I suggest looking at the MDN documentation and seeing if it answers your question. Play around with it and if you can’t get it to work quite right, show us your code and tell us what your having trouble with.

@ArielLeslie @ilenia I think I wrote the question a bit quick and small.

I am web scraping a page that gives me back strings of a time an event happens like 6:45 AM. However, I want to convert the human-readable time to time that I can use in JavaScript to perform different methods on.

Don’t worry about me not understanding something, I am very good at JavaScript, but not good when it comes to working with the Date object.

I have searched for this on google and found not anywhere near my goal.

This is my code I am experimenting with:

let dateTo = '6:45 AM' 

console.log('NORMAL: ' + dateTo);

// console.log('TESTING: ' + Date.parse(dateTo));

console.log('MOMENT: ' +;


console.log('WELCOME DATE: ' + new Date(dateTo).toString());

All of them are solutions I am experimenting with.

BTW this is part of a personal project.

Assuming that you want a date that is today at that given time, here’s the first thing that comes to mind for me:

  1. Use that string to determine an hours (using am/pm for 24 hour time) and minutes.
  2. Create a Date with new Date() (this will be the current day and time)
  3. Use .setHours() and .setMinutes() to update your Date object.

If other data is giving you the actual date, then you can simply use new Date(year, month-1, day, hours, minutes)

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I don’t need today’s date. I want to convert the human-readable time to a JavaScript object.

I already have the time which is 6:45 AM. How do I get the JavaScript object from the time? Like parse the time out.

the Date object is a date, you can’t remove the date part

you can make an object like

  hh: 6,
  mn: 45

This is what I am looking for:

I already have: 6:45 AM.

I want result of: 1605875066076 //

But… I need the Date object to contain the time I already have. Then I could run the Date methods on it.

what date do you want linked to the time?

because gives unix time, which also includes the date, as it is the number of seconds from the beginning of January 1st 1970

this in date and time format is 11/20/2020 @ 12:34pm (UTC)

I want the current day + the provided time.

The time I provided was just an example what type of result.

it is was @ArielLeslie was saying

but, new Date may be what you want to use:

How would I pass in a custom time like: 6:45 AM to new Date()?

Never mind, the solution was already in the post you mentioned. Oof, how did I not see that!!

if you want today

let date = new Date(); // this capture this instant
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