Converting milliseconds to Mins/Secs format in D3

I’m doing the 2nd of the final projects in the Data Visualization course, where we have to make a scatterplot of dates on the X axis, and times (in mins:secs) on the Y axis.

I have everything finished, except the correct display of the times on the Y axis. It’s displaying in milliseconds, and I can’t figure out a simple way to convert them to Mins:Secs like in the example we need to emulate.

I figure it has something to do with adding a tickFormat to the Y axis, but I’ve tried several things and none of them have worked. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Link to the pen:

I figured this out, in case anyone else is having this problem.

In order to use “.tickFormat(d3.timeFormat(”%M:%S"))" on the yAxis, the time first has to be converted into milliseconds, as in, multiplied by 1000.

I did that in the yScale domain and circle plotting sections and now everything displays correctly.

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