Correct, Suggest and Rate my Tribute Page

Hi Campers,

       Please I want feedback from the tribute page I just completed. I just started coding not long ago so I am an Amateur when it comes to coding. So please feel free to say whatever you feel is wrong or right. I am so much interested in your personal interest/view, how would have done it. That's what I need most.

Like I said, any comment in welcome. I’m just a beginner.

Thank you

You did really well , your works seems awesome man

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The page seems great! If there is one thing I’d have to nitpick, it would be the header up top. The black with the darker gray clash slightly, although I understand why the darker gray is up there.

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Looks good,

You can give spaces to your link and decrease the footer as it seems too big.


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Thanks for Comments, I really Appreciate it