Cors policy help

Hello guys .I am working in a cybersecurity company as a front end developer intern. They want me to clone some bank’s login page for making ethical hacker things and show this banks to their needs… I am allowed to have a 1 html file . No external files.

My main problem is paid fonts and css files that include some @font-face declarations.

I am adding the right paths to whole original links at the source code. And I am getting this error:

“has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.”

So I cant make the same page . I need to create the same page in a short time. Any ideas?

I tried to add original css files internally, but that didn’t work.

If you are working as an intern, all of your work should be supervised by a mid/senior level developer to whom you can ask these kinds of questions. That is the whole point of an internship. Have you tried asking your mentor there?

Yes you are right .but i am working remote and our time zones differant .I am trying to do it by my own . And i dont want to seem weak actually .And there is 1 senior developer and 1 ceo .Its a startup.And normally this position was a paid position on angel list. but they told me ı am unexperienced and they just can offer me a unpaid 1 month internship.I am hoping maybe after this month they will give me a chance to work paid.Dont know if i am doing right or not actually .

I am not sure about the laws in Turkey, but in the US you can not ask someone to work for free if it would be displacing an actual employee by doing actual work vs. just being guided along by a senior person. You can do what you want, but if they are getting free work out of you now, I would not count on them paying you in the near future. There is no incentive if they can get you to work for free.

Anyway, it is difficult to help you without seeing all the code you have tried.

Absolutely they didnt tell me that they are replacing me with this paid position. i applied this position and they didnt see me experienced enough. So i just wanted to work with real company in my free times .there is no obligation.I know it sounds absurd .So the main reason for me to accept is they dont put time to me . they just give me some tasks and when i have time i do them .And about the code ;
for example there is a local file path on the dev tools . i am adding the whole url and most of the time i can use the same files . But in some websites i cant use their files .i hope i explained correctly.

For example dbs singapore bank login page. İ cant use the iframe 's css properties.

What about talkıng thıs issue while screen sharing ?