Could a moderator please audit my projects, im lost and feel i didnt do it right

I feel like I didnt do them right, and ive been kinda hyper lately due to mood disorder, and I thought maybe i was working too fast, and im not sure that i did it right, maybe i rushed into it? id be happy to have my projects reset if i didnt

You’ll need to post your code here so we can see it. Then we can give you feedback.

No i meant the projects to complete the certifications. EDIT: The final ones

here’s an example:

import sea_level_predictor
import epa_sea_level.csv
from unittest import main

# Test your function by calling it here

# Run unit tests automatically
main(module='test_module', exit=False)

i also couldnt load certain things because my cpu was running at full capacity and i couldnt debug or load certain software…i have a weak computer

@JeremyLT ? are you reviewing it?

This code doesn’t look complete?

what you sent me was the code, i just couldnt copy and paste it properly onto this forum

I did not send anything? What is your code that you wrote and you want us to look at?

I’m not quite sure…I edited the text, and kept running it with the run button, but it said i needed other uploads, but my computers cpu and ram was running at maximum capacity to get it and eventually couldnt, and it said i needed python 3.9 but i couldnt find it, and so i analyzed what i needed to do, and submitted it…i think i might have deleted the code but im not sure

That doesn’t answer my question. What code did you write? You should not submit anything before you write the solution code.

ok noted. ill look at it one more time

This here is the initial code given to you. It wasn’t written by you.

everytime i try running the code it says some piece of code like pandas or matplotlib isnt running, but even when i upload pandas, it doesnt work, and when i try to download matplotlibs, it says i need python 3.9 The code is whats on the screen

So you haven’t written anything yet? How are you trying to run this code?

I dont even know what I’m supposed to write…i dont remember, because i was manic, but i think i edited what was on the front page or something

So you definitely shouldn’t just submit without doing anything.

I’d try to first read the instructions.

I know what to do i just cant upload matplotlib, and every time i ask for an ai debug, it says my computer is overloaded…wth…and it says i need python 3.9, which it isnt offering

Back up. What exact steps have you taken so far?

filling in data from epa from either the beginning or the entire time period in parentheses of various forms after debug messages about parentheses, and running, and putting it in the parentheses of plot

That’s not a set of exact steps. Please say exactly what you have done to set up the project.