Covid-19 Survey form(what you think)

Dear community, I really need and would appreciate your feedbacks on my survey form. What do you think I should add, or remove?
You can find it, here:

Kind regards!

HI @sopuruchi2k16 !

Congrats on finishing your survey form. :grinning:

A few things.

You have a little bit of a horizontal scroll bar on smaller devices.
I would keep working on responsiveness.

I would review the lesson on giving links meaningful text.
Read more is not that accessible.

I wouldn’t use br tags like this.


Use css instead to create space between elements.

You have a few errors in your html.
Run your code through the html validator

Your css would be easier to read if you format it.

Hope that helps!

Yes please? Many thanks for the review. I sincerely appreciate your response. Will go back to it, to make amends.

Again please? How do I get ride of horizontal scroll bar on smaller devices?

I would suggest narrowing your browser window as far as it can go and you can see where the issue is.

Try lessening the width a little bit.

Thank you very much. I humbly appreciate your kind response.

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